What is your corporate culture?

A portal solution that helps developing and managing corporate culture into day-to-day activities, workflows and teams.

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About us

Activityhub turns your organization into a game-changer by providing a portal solution that helps to develop and manage corporate culture.

It helps achieving better employee rention rate by providing more job clarity and satisfaction with their day-to-day activities, projects and workflows.

Workplace culture

Achieve purpose-driven, priciples-led and goal-oriented organizational culture.

Collective ambition

Your organization's mission, message and metrics turned into projects and goals.

Streamlined activities

Updates from company, teams and projects are streamlined into single feed.

Searchable informaiton

Entire company is searchable by skills, people, projects, tasks and workflows.

Clear org structure.

For every need in the company, a "go to" team or individual is clearly identified.

Faster decisions

Tracks the approvers and the insights needed for any kind of workflow.

Optimized communication

You would never need a long email threads, meetings and phone calls.

Conflict tolerance

A way to measure conflicts and risks before employees leave the orgnization

Reward criteria

Enagage employees to be an integral part of organization by rewarding them.


The benefits

The benefits why you have to choose activityhub


Culture streamlines your organization's focus into single process that helps your organization's mission and values to be aligned with the people and their day-to-day jobs.



According to payscale, average job changing time is now at 1.5-2 years. Making the organizational culture as an organizationl centric part is essential for greater job clarity that boosts engagement.



Hire by values and train for skills. Make your organizational culture be the driver before finding new talent.



Culture can no longer be just documents and hallway conversations. It should be a useable technology and be available for every single employee.



Culture is not just how employees collaborate each other. Culture is how employees feel and do the work.


More Benefits and Pricing.

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It makes the goals and timelines more manageble by tracking in weekly time frames.


It helps finding, requesting and traking the processes based on the employee need.


The streamlining activities across all teams helps tracking and managing organization.


Management can have insights of any team by looking at their performance any time.


Tracking everyone skills and availability help creating employee flexible program.


Cross team communication helps improving to adapt new improvements in the company.

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Indeed, activityhub works seamlessly for large or small organizations.

No. Individuals or entrepreneurs can also use to streamline day-to-day activities.

Yes. Activityhub seemlessly integrates with the agile process.

No. Our kanban charts scale from manufacturing to widgets development companies. And help them to align all organizational teams seemlessly.

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