Find & Schedule Activities

for Your kids - right from your smartphone !

is a safe and secure app where parents can find local, vetted and affordable activities based on their child's interests.

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Get an Easy, Safe and Secure method to setup the activities for your child.

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Connect with your Gmail or Facebook to share your contacts and friends list to stay engaged and receive many recommendations!

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Find out what other parents are talking about, and read their reviews on the activities.

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ActivityHub matches kids with activities based on:

school schedule

We keep track of school schedules and your kids’ extracurriculars based on your profile and suggest activities that are convenient for you. Never be taken off guard by a day off or a vacation! ActivityHub keeps you in the loop and simplifies activity planning with timely reminders.


We understand that the best activities are convenient and easy to get to. That’s why we recommend activities based on where you live, work, study and frequent. In other words, we line up activities that are close to where you are on a given day.



Activities should be age-appropriate. You won’t send your pre-teen to a story time with Santa. That’s why ActivityHub uses your child’s age from your profile to make sure our activities are right for their abilities and skills, and are engaging for them.


Kids have more fun doing things with a friend. That’s why ActivityHub is social! We recommend activities based on your child’s circle of friends (hence the name!). This way, you can sign them up for something that their friends already participate in.


We find activities based on your child’s interests. Whether they’re into sports, science, reading or programming – we’ll find and suggest the perfect clubs, camps, lessons and events for them.

Why ActivityHub

We envision that parents will no longer waste precious time trying to navigate through promotional materials that can be confusing and nonproductive in terms of finding the most suitable activities for their children. With children happily engaged in appropriate and safe activities,parents can focus on creating a family environment that is based on successfully fulfilling the needs of every member.

Download the App Today !

Do you run a camp, teach art classes, own an archery school or give music lessons ?

Does your business or non-profit provide activities for children ?

Do you wish you could automate your organization, get more leads and stay booked for month ahead ?

ActivityHub can help !

It's a one-stop-shop app where activity providers manage and market their programs.


We use the latest technology to streamline and automate your business.

Simplify your IT needs, marketing, and reputation management.

Complete enterprise platform created specifically for activity providers

Sign-in/Sign-out process is fully automated with dynamic security codes, so you can sign each child out safely and confidently.

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