Free Built-in SSL Certificate

Stay Secure, Build Trust: Activate Your Free SSL Certificate with ActivityHub

A free SSL certificate is included out-of-the-box when you host your website with ActivityHub.

Build a custom website with a natively integrated SSL certificate

Avoid the additional cost and technical setup associated with third-party SSL providers

Establish trust and domain authority with users and search engines

Build a secure site with a free SSL certificate

Free SSL to Secure Website

Whether you’re an established company or a team of one, security on your website is not a luxury — it’s a necessity.  Protecting your business and customer data is a top priority. Your customers need to know their information is safe before doing business with you. 

When you host your site with ActivityHub, a standard SSL certificate is automatically built in. The SSL encrypts communication between your site and the server, helping protect user data. You save time avoiding third-party plugins and technical legwork.

Free SSL to Secure Website
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Prioritize user experience

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Your website is your virtual storefront, where parents come to interact with you. But if your website is compromised, you could experience breaches or outages. When you build & host your site with ActivityHub, a built-in SSL certificate helps encrypt communications between your site, your customers, and your server — protecting user data and your business’ digital presence.

Get a free SSL without plugins

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Most hosting platforms require that you buy hosting and an SSL certificate from separate vendors. Often, these third-party solutions require manual updates and unwieldy plugins. ActivityHub’s SSL natively integrates with the platform’s website-building tools, automatically securing your site when you build it.

An SSL certificate encrypts user sessions, protecting personal information. It is the “S” in “HTTPS” that lets users know the experience they’re browsing is safe. Some users will avoid a site without proper SSL encryption, and many browsers will block it entirely.

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